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The Society of Auctioneers, Appraisers, Agents and Property Managers is the Professional Body representing the specialist interests of Auctioneers & Appraisers in South Australia. The Society is a vibrant body of top class practitioners who strive to raise the professional standards of its Members through Nationally Accredited Training and the respected 'The Society' Golden Gavel Live where Members aspire to excellence by competing.

We also provide electronic Real Estate Forms to the Industry in South Australia for Residential, Rural, Commercial and Property Management and include Form 1 which is backed up by training, legislative advice and updates.


Our Members appraise, sell, auction and value Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural), Plant & Machinery, Antiques, Fine Art & Livestock and many other varied categories which are outlined in our online Member’s Search.

We have a Membership in excess of 330 professionals which represent the Principals and Key decision makers of Real Estate, General & Livestock Companies both Metropolitan & Country including Major Franchise Groups as well as Independents.

As our Members are invariably the Principals and Key decision makers, our Membership of 400 plus can be projected to have a promotional reach of in excess of 3000 Industry personnel. Combined sales across our Membership are estimated at being in excess of $3Billion annually.



About Us

Why join the society?



Vision Statement

The Society will continue to develop and enhance the professional standards of Members to the Public through Training, Technology, Innovation & Representation. 

Professional advice is available on the Appraisals and Auctions of:


Agricultural Machinery 
Business Equipment 
Catering and Restaurant Equipment 
Earthmoving Machinery 
Fine Art 
Household Furniture

Licensed Premises
Liquor Stocks 
Motor Vehicles 
Plant and Equipment 
Real Estate-Commercial and Industrial 
Real Estate-Residential 
Rural Properties 
Transport Industry 
Vineyards and Wineries