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 Golden Gavel 2017





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The Society’s GOLDEN GAVEL Competition and Awards was created by Past President, Anthony Toop FSAA (Life) in 1993 and has been passionately supported by the Auctioneering professions since inception. The concept evolved as a means to give profile to our local Auctioneers and Appraisers and it has become the benchmark for the Australasian Competition and other Auction Competitions within the Real Estate, General and Livestock professions within Australia and New Zealand.

The GOLDEN GAVEL has developed and evolved to recognize excellence for all Auctioneers and Appraisers by encouraging especially young performers to enter the Rising Star category as a follow on to the Society’s Nationally Accredited 2 Day Real Estate Auction Academy.


The GOLDEN GAVEL for Real Estate, General, and Livestock Auctioneers and Appraisers is the longest running Auctioneering Competition in the Southern Hemisphere and has unquestionably raised the standards of Auctioneering in South Australia and has been the spring board that has fast-tracked the careers of many South Australia auctioneers!


The SA LIFE GOLDEN GAVEL Winner will receive the Perpetual Trophy, Large Gold framed Hammer and a Cash Prize.


General Auctioneer of the Year

General Auctioneers are the true heartbeat of the Auction profession selling everything from Cars, Earth-moving machinery to Antiques and Fine Art sometimes selling 1000’s of lots in a single day and conducting clearing sales sometimes realizing many millions of dollars.


Real Estate Principal and Sales Consultant Auction Marketers

Society Members as Principals and Sales Consultants sell the most properties by Auction as reported in the Society’s Auction Results. The top 10 receive a plaque and the winner receives a prize.


Top 15 Real Estate GOLD CLUB Auctioneers

This award recognises the top performers who have sold the most properties under Auction conditions for the previous calendar year as reported in the Society Auction Results. The top performer is recognised as the Top Real Estate Auctioneer of the Year.


Real Estate Group Auction Marketer of the Year

This Award recognises the Group that has sold the most properties under Auction Conditions from the results submitted to the Society and published on the Society web page.


Real Estate Rising Star

The Rising Stars of our industry are those auctioneers who have completed less than 10 auctions in the field at the time of the Golden Gavel launch each year and have not won this Award previously. We also recognise a Rising Star Under 25 Winner.


General Auctioneer Highest Price Single Lot

From the previous Calendar Year, the auctioneer submits details of the Lot sold.


General Auctioneer Highest Sale Proceeds

From the previous Calendar Year, the auctioneer that has predominantly conducted the Auction submits details of the gross sale proceeds.


 Livestock Auctioneer of The Year

Livestock Auctioneers are recognised for their expertise.


Auctioneer Agency of The Year

This Award recognises the Top 3 Point Scorers representing a major independent or franchise group.


Innovation Award Assisting the Professionals

A tophy is presented to a business partner recognising excellence in technology which can dramatically change we conduct business on a daily basis.


Peter du Plessis Golden Pen Award

From the previous Calendar Year for a Significant Valuation.

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