Property Management Workshop Presented by Rachel Coulter

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The Workshop began with back to basics where it is imperative that you know your appraisal to listing rate and how you should follow up and find out why another Agent got it and you didn’t – look for the common thread.

Rachel suggested a separate Facebook Page for Property Management and how to source leads from Admin Staff, Sponsorships, Trades, and Branding at Schools etc. If your office employs an Auctioneer you can offer your services at all you local service organisations, Schools, Sporting Clubs etc. with assistance and fundraising for no charge compliments of your Agency.

When asked did you gain anything from this Presentation? Answers were:
- The whole day was very informative, new things learnt and a reminder of all the things I must do!
- Yes, I feel like it has given me direction in regards to building a rent roll and thinking outside the box in regards to networking!
- Yes definitely, great ideas!
- Yes, by using social media!
- Yes, thankyou, video focus, mentoring and all-inclusive fees.
- Yes, some hard truths, new ideas and smarter ways to work.
- Yes, the main thing I gained was the many ways to make yourself stand out in an appraisal situation and also the many different methods to potentially build the rent roll especially with the use of video.

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