Form 1 Seminar Presented by Chris Gill

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We covered issues such as:

- How to complete a Form 1
- Easements
- Tenancies
- Form 1 to re-serve or not
- Asbestos
- Building indemnity insurance
- Pitfalls & common mistakes
- Planning Approvals
- Learn where everyone gets it wrong!

When asked did you gain anything from this presentation? Answers were:
- Yes, very detailed and informative!
- Yes, I was unaware of what to look out for with the EPA Section.
- Yes, refreshing my memory and new knowledge!
- Yes, plenty of information, great fresher course! Yes, Chris showed what needs to be and what DOESN’T need to be in a Form 1. Yes, great overview coming
back into the industry!

What did you like most? Answers were:
- Well explained. Presenter professionalism. All points covered, easy to understand.
- Going through EPA’s and Strata.
- All information was extremely interesting, great refresher!
- Chris was easy to listen to, follow and good material which made sense.
- The emphasis on what to look out for! Overall presentation!

What would you tell others as the main benefit of this Workshop?
- General understanding of the Form 1. Go to the next seminar to expand your knowledge and understand your responsibilities!
- It is a great overview of the Form 1, well worth it!
- All Sale Agents should attend annually as risk management.
- This Seminar covers all aspects! Explicit details of what needs to be incorporated in the Form 1!

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