Learn the Full Functionality of Electronic Forms and Esigning

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We covered issues such as:

- Property Management Forms and how to send Tenancy and Management Agreements to be
completed online
- Update on integration with property management systems
- The new Offer System for Agents and how Agents now receive SMS notification to smart phones of offers
- Esigning tips and traps - when and when NOT to use Esigning
- Is witness required with built-in SMS verification
- How to integrate data from Agency to Contracts
- Automatic insertion of drop in professionally drafted conditions
- How to integrate data from Property Management Agreements to Tenancy Agreements
- How to create and use the new Property Folder for sales management of files
- Edit and Re Edit Forms after created
- New integrations with property management software

A great advantage of REAForms is that the Electronic Signing App is part of the system and you do not need an add-on at an extra cost like DOCusign. The Society was first with computerised documents in South Australia and the Society was first with iPad signing of documents. The Society was first and only system that has produced the Real Estate Contract in Mandarin for Chinese buyers and now the Agency and Subsequent Agency are both available in Mandarin translation.

Michael Madsen has been with Lawsoft for 15 years and has been involved in the planning and development of our forms system. Mark Kurtze attended the workshop to discuss any legal or contract issues that the Members might have had for the ongoing improvement of our documentation system.
If you have any suggested improvements from time to time please send them in and we will endeavour to include any suggestions with merit in the next upgrade. Michael Madsen and Mark Kurtze are the voices at the other end of the phone if you have ever had any issues with the form system, however with the current new state of the art system you should never need to call again.

Here is some feedback from the workshop below:
- I had no idea this new system was so versatile, with so many new features
- I now have the confidence to use Electronic Signing
- Yes, fascinating I learned heaps!
- I can now upgrade the professionalism of our office with computer generated forms

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