Land Agents Threats Presented by Wayne Johnson

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Wayne personalised the presentation when he gave an example when he managed three country offices, 150km apart and all the figures were collated together. One office was making money the other two were losing money. When he separated the figures it was blatantly obvious what actions he needed to take to remain viable.

It is imperative to keep reimbursable advertising separate from office promotion and advertising.

Wayne showed how to track salesperson profitability and to track listing success as these figures are imperative and it can show some salespeople the bulk of their time is spent wasting time on overpriced listings that they are unlikely to sell. Wayne calculated how many contacts and how many sales were needed to achieve the target set.

When asked did you gain anything from this presentation, answers were;
Yes I took numerous notes. Yes a good overview of how imperative the financials are. Yes I now need and want to have a better look at gross profit and KPI’S. Yes the importance of breakeven/numbers.

What did you like the most?
Structuring P&L’s for better information. The casual environment of the workshop. The financial set-up and formulas. Breakeven and relaxed - honest presentation style, Easy to understand charts and graphs, The style of presentation – Wayne is excellent!

What would you tell others of the main benefit of this workshop?
Excellent – one of the better training sessions, with many takeaways!, A good starting point if you are unsure, opens your mind to what you should really be monitoring, This gives you a good prerequisite to owning and running any business, Absolutely sensational, every business owner should do this course!

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