Domain Golden Gavel Rising Stars 2019

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8 Rising Stars competed at the stunning Adelaide Oval before a panel of judges in their quest to be named Domain Golden Gavel Rising Star 2019 on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

1. Amelia Langhans
2. Sarah Bower
3. Enrique Bisbal
4. Phoebe Ge
5. Vincent Doran
6. Sam George
7. Kristy Saunders
8. Lochie Smith

1. Darren Read
2. Josh Biggs
3. Sharon Gray
4. Jarrod Tagni
5. Jarrah Holmes
6. Wayne Phillips
7. Attilio Cavuoto
8. Nick Katsaros

Floor Manager: Paul Henry
Trustee: Oren Klemich

The performances demonstrated great flair and empathy, highlighting lifestyle benefits of the impressive property which was a Palm Springs style home featuring Carey Gully stone walls cantilevered martini balconies, overlooking a sparkling pool on a large 933m square block. All performers blew us away with their creativity and ability to challenge the scripted bidding plan and entice bids from the bidders, Matt Smith, Marc du Plessis, Rachel Coulter and Andrew Monks. Finally selling at $719,750.

It is truly incredible to see more females coming into the profession - we have 4 male and 4 female Rising Star contestants this year!

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