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Students Do Battle in State-wide Auction Contest

For participation in this state-wide competition, please contact the Guardian of the School's Auction Idol - Lindsay Warner 0414 624 888 or email

A new school auction champion will soon be crowned as part of a competition that has been credited with bringing young talent into the real estate and auction industry

Victoria hosted its first Schools Auction Idol grand final on July 30. The event is currently in its ninth year in South Australia and third year in Tasmania. (Tasmania has since renamed its competition and is no longer associated with the Society - The Society had assisted Tasmania in setting up the Schools Auction Idol in Launceston in 2012). The School Auction Idol competition is open to students in years 10, 11 and 12, with practicing auctioneers teaching them how to run an auction.

Event founder Lindsay Warner, board member of The Society of Auctioneers & Appraisers (SA) Inc. explained that contestants auction a real property but in a mock environment with a controlled bidding script. Auctioneers have to initially describe the property, go through the legalities of auction then call for the bidding, while aiming for a reserve price. Mr Warner said the competition teaches students about real estate via the Art of Auction. 

In South Australia, there are now students going straight from school into real estate as a result of Schools Auction Idol.

"There is no other program that raises the profile of real estate agents and auctioneers within the community, introduces parents, teachers and students to us as community citizens and introduces students to our industry as a career in a positive learning enviroment."

The inaugural Australasian Schools Auction Idol was held in Melbourne on 1st of September in 2015, featuring two competitors from Victoria and two from South Australia. Grace Nankivell from Pulteney Grammar was crowned the 2015 Australasian Schools Auction Champion.

Grace who had won the South Australian competition in May, was mentored by David Cocks and Sharon Gray from Cocks Auld Real Estate. The competition held in Melbourne was witnessed by auctioneers and real estate agents from around Australia. The judging panel was made up of past Australasian Auction champions and industry representatives from Victoria, NSW, New Zealand, QLD and ACT. 

Mr Warner said he hopes to introduce Auction Idol to Queensland and New Zealand in 2016.


Lindsay Warner,

Guardian of the Schools Auction Idol



2015 Australasian Schools Auction Idol Winner

Grace Nankivell, Pulteney Grammar School


2015 Australasian Schools Auction Idol Finalists

Grace Nankivell, Pulteney Grammar School

Georgia Musolino, St Dominic’s College

Alex Mallis, Mentone Girls Secondary

Tori Baranov, Mentone Girls Secondary




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